Multiplying Connections Store

The Multiplying Connections Store offers materials designed by the Health Federation and collaborators to help individual and organizations become trauma informed. You will find resources about brain development, managing toxic stress and building resilience, child development, family violence screening and response and reflective supervision.

The materials are in booklet, pamphlet, card, poster, button and DVD formats. Some materials are available as free downloadable digital content. For Digital Downloads, you do not need a method of payment, but will go through the other steps in the ordering process and will be sent an email link to download the resource you select. Revenue from the sales of our materials allows us to invest in keeping materials current and fresh. Please send us your feedback!

Written by Linda Burgess Chamberlain, PhD, MPH and illustrated by Peter Camburn

How your child’s brain develops each and every day is being shaped by the environment and experiences you provide. The world your child lives in actually affects how their brain grows. Your child needs lots of new, positive experiences in a safe, stable home environment to build a healthy... Learn More


This credit-card sized card can be used to help providers, caregivers and children remember to stay CAPPD .  The front side defines the CAPPD acronym.  The ... Learn More


Resource wallet cards for Philadelphia area including safety tips and phone numbers for support on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Emergency Shelter, Sucide and Crisis hotlines, Elder Abuse, Victim Advocacy and for help to stop being violent. Box contains 100 2-sided folded cards.

English and Spanish in-stock

If you are interested in customizing this... Learn More


Portia Nelson Poster - "There's a hole in my sidewalk" Stages of Change

11" x 17"  poster. We have always loved this poem by Portia Nelson, “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk,” and feel it epitomizes the Stages of Change.  At our request, graphic artist, Peter Camburn, took the poem and created color and design to go with it.